A great victory in the truck category for the PETRONAS DE ROOY IVECO TEAM that imposed its own pace throughout the competition

15 January 2018, Villastellone, Italy – PETRONAS De Rooy IVECO Team won the 10th edition of one of the most demanding off-road competitions: the Africa Eco Race, the new route to Dakar. After 12 gruelling stages and 6,500 km across 3 countries (Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal), Gerard De Rooy, the team’s captain, was the first to cross the finish line with his green IVECO Powerstar truck, powered by PETRONAS Urania engine oil and PETRONAS functional fluids.

Giuseppe D’Arrigo, General Manager of the Group and Managing Director of PETRONAS Lubricants International, commented this important milestone: “This is another great achievement for our driver Gerard De Rooy and we would like to congratulate him and all his team for their first victory at the Africa Eco Race! This competition subjects drivers to extremely difficult conditions but also tests the reliability of the trucks and the products required to withstand extreme situations. It was also the first time that PETRONAS Lubricants participated in the competition and we are very proud to be the technical partners of IVECO and De Rooy especially on the occasion of the Africa Eco Race. Our close collaboration with IVECO and FTP allows us to develop high-quality functional lubricants and fluids for our customers worldwide. This victory represents a further testimony of how large vehicles and PETRONAS Fluid Technology Solutions can work together at their best”

PETRONAS has long been a technical partner of IVECO, as well as the special Powerstar trucks of De Rooy, providing essential support in the development of lubricants, transmission fluids and coolants designed to excel on vehicles that travel thousands of kilometres every day.

The victory of the De Rooy team demonstrates how the joint development of products between partners such as PETRONAS and IVECO is the perfect solution to assist our collaborators every day, an extraordinary success that allows us to offer superior long-term reliability both on the road and off-road.

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