Turin, 26 October 2017 – At the “Vintage Cars and Motorcycles” Exhibition in Padua, PETRONAS Lubricants Italy Spa, presented the new premium line of lubricants for vintage cars, PETRONAS Selenia Classic; an exclusive re-issue specifically developed for the FCA Group engines.

Thanks to the collaboration with FCA Heritage, PETRONAS relaunches the historical Fiat, VS and Selenia Oil cans, which characterized the 40s – 90s, to revive the mythical lubricants of the past with new formulations specifically designed to ensure today’s best technology to the engines of days gone by.

Three products trace the most important stages of the development of the lubricant for the Fiat group vehicles, an ultra-centenary history characterized by the PETRONAS SELENIA brand, the lubricant recommended in the after-market and the only one used for the first filling of the vehicles of the FCA group.

The designs of the vintage cans faithfully reproduce the symbols and sketches of artists of that time, such as “The Little White Man” by Marcello Nizzoli, the stylised sketch of the mechanic who accompanied the driver in the races of the 50s and that for more than fifty years has always been, although undergoing several revisions, the symbol of Fiat oil alongside the motorist.

VS, the first totally synthetic oil, is brought to light by PETRONAS thanks to its brand name historically associated with the Fiat 131 Abarth, winner of 3 World Rally Championships for Manufacturers between the end of the 70s and the early 80s.

To highlight the years that characterized the success of the new Alfa Romeo models with sporty and design features, PETRONAS studied the Red Alpha can, which guarantees high performance and continuous reliability to the sports engines of the “House of the Snake” (from the Alfa shield emblem).

Alessandro Orsini, Regional Head of Europe, said: “Selenia Classic is a strategic project that allows us to use one of our most important assets, such as the lubricant brand that has always been dedicated to the FCA group. I am very happy with the new collaboration created with FCA Heritage on the Selenia Classic project because this is a way to look at the future together, recalling a common past that today constitutes an important heritage, which should not be lost. A long history also made of objects that today represent the culture of motoring and which for PETRONAS it is an honour to be part, proposing its brand Selenia, ex Fiat Oil, with a vintage twist”.

Roberto Giolito, Head of FCA Heritage EMEA, also added: “In the strengthening and spirit of the new FCA Heritage Division, special attention is paid to the world of enthusiasts and to those who live historical motoring with a great sense of responsibility for its culture and its authentic values.
Being close to them means creating quality services and products, in order to continue to provide a concrete contribution to those who love and respect vintage cars.
For all this, the splendid initiative of PETRONAS finally gives life to a fundamental, precious and technological product, like FIAT Oil, with its most famous icons and liveries, created to ensure a long future for the heart of the historical heritage of our cars and the best performance ever”.

The new PETRONAS Selenia Classic lubricants will be available from the first quarter of 2018 from the authorized FCA network. This new line is designed to ensure the best possible protection of the engine against wear and the formation of deposits, all through the most advanced technologies and the most appropriate additives.

In order to obtain the best results in terms of greater mileage, savings in consumption and reduction of pollutant emissions, these latest generation synthetic lubricants are studied and tested in the laboratories and on the test benches of the PETRONAS Research & Development Centre in Villastellone (TO), in close collaboration with the FCA Powertrain Engineering, to meet the requirements of the manufacturer.

The PETRONAS Selenia Classic line features 3 lubricant products divided according to the year of production of the vehicle and the respective viscosity and performance characteristics:

Fiat Oil 20W-50
For vehicles from the 40s to the 60s
The Fiat 500 oil, of the roaring years and of families travelling to their holiday places. An authentic legend.

The new formula: a four-season lubricant with anti-wear properties, designed to give maximum reliability and prevent the formation of rust and sludge.

VS+ 15W-40
For vehicles from the 70s to the 80s
“The can with the road” is a real icon in the history of Italian lubricants.
VS+ was one of the most sold engine oils in the 1970s, loyal ally of the Fiat 127 and 131, but also of the futuristic Lancia Stratos.

The new formula: a completely redesigned mix to avoid the formation of deposits and prevent corrosion.

Selenia Alfa 10W-40
For vehicles of the 90s
The lubricant of the 90s dedicated to “Alfisti” enthusiasts that choose the best for their gleaming GTV and 155.
A lubricant for fast spirits, in harmony with the passion of driving that Alfa Romeo always offers.

The new formula: designed for both classic vehicles and young timers, perfect for turbocharged and multivalve engines, compatible with exhaust gas after treatment systems.

The new PETRONAS Selenia Classic line wants to give voice to a future characterized by increasingly advanced technological solutions, able to satisfy even the needs of vintage car enthusiasts, who rely only on original products that guarantee perfect functioning. For this reason, they refer to a brand that has achieved great success in the past and that continues to pursue important victories, all this guaranteed by the long-standing partnership with the FCA Group.

Information about PETRONAS Selenia

Since 2008 PETRONAS Selenia is a brand of PETRONAS LUBRICANTS International, the division dedicated to the production and marketing of lubricants of PETRONAS, the National Oil Company of Malaysia that launched its European business in the field of Lubricants through the acquisition of FL Selenia, a consolidated company with an important presence in Europe and South America.

The Selenia brand, founded in the late 80s, immediately conquered a predominant position in Europe and then established itself as the only oil recommended for the engines of the Italian manufacturer and as the only lubricant able to meet the needs of new generation engines of FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA, FIAT PROFESSIONAL, ABARTH and JEEP.

Selenia made its appearance on the European market in 1991, soon becoming a leader thanks to an innovative product; right from the start, it was recommended in manuals and, from that moment, the range began to grow and expand to meet the needs and expectations of the market and the automotive environment.

Information about PETRONAS Lubricants International
PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) is the division dedicated to the production and marketing of lubricants of PETRONAS, the National Oil Company of Malaysia. Founded in 2008, PETRONAS Lubricants International manufactures and markets a full range of high-quality lubricants for the automotive and industrial sector in over 80 markets worldwide. Based in Kuala Lumpur, PLI has over 30 offices in 27 countries, managed through regional offices based in Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Turin, Belo Horizonte, Chicago and Durban.

Currently ranked among the top 10 in the world, PLI is committed to an ambitious business growth program aimed at consolidating its position as one of the leading international manufacturers of lubricants.